Hire and use rules

Hire and use rules

for the
functional building

the Hohenzollern Ski Stadium

Arberseestraße 2, 94252 Bayerisch Eisenstein

Preliminary note:

1) The functional building at the Hohenzollern Ski Stadium was built by the Förderverein Skilandesleistungszentrum Arber e.V. with means of the European Union. The functional building in the regional intensive training center in the Hohenzollern Ski Stadium can basically be used by everybody according to the following rules as a public institution. A legitimate claim on the use is basically not possible.

2) The proportion of use is under private law.

3) With the operation of the functional building only and directly charitable purposes in terms of the Part “Tax-advantaged purposes” of the general tax code are followed.

4) The terms of use ensure the safety, order and cleanness of the functional building at the regional intensive training center and regulate the use and charging of utilization fees.

5) With the claim the users of the functional building in the regional intensive training center Arber at the Hohenzollern Ski Stadium agree to the terms of the rules of use and the involved commitments.

6) In the whole functional building and on the area outside the children and youth protection act is valid.

7) From 1st January 2015 the Hohenzollern Ski Stadium incl. functional building is under lease of the ARBERLAND Betriebs gGmbH, Amtsgerichtstraße 6-8, 94209 Regen (operating company). The operating company is therefore the hirer of the functional building.

§ 1

1) The functional building in the regional ski intensive training center Arber at the Hohenzollern Ski Stadium serves

  • The sustainable, touristic raising of activity
  • The raising of quality of life on-site for the local population
  • The active health prevention through an attractive sport and leisure offer on-site in summer and in winter
  • The raising of appreciation in the region

2) The functional building will be provided for tourists, groups of tourists, local and regional clubs and sport groups, Federal Armed Foreces, federal police, companies and regional touristic presenters upon request to do sports and to organize sport events according to the following rules. A legitimate claim on the use and the allowance does not exist.

3) Hire and rent of the functional building for profit-oriented use is not allowed.

§ 2

1) The license of the functional building results from a demand of the tenant. It is regulated though a hire contract.
2) The hire contract contains as an attachment the terms of hire and use.
3) The subleasing through the tenant is not allowed.
4) A legitimate claim on the license of the functional building is not existent.

§ 3
Rental property

To the rental property belongs a functional building with toilets that are property of the Förderverein Skilandesleistungszentrum Arber e.V.. A part of the toilet facilities and the corresponding vestibule can be permanently used by the public.
To the rental property belongs a tea kitchen with cutlery, dishes and seating. These things are property of the ARBERLAND Betriebs gGmbH.
For schooling and training actions a schooling and fitness room can be provided.

§ 4
Compulsory registration

1) All police authority licenses and permissions must be organized by the tenant.
2) The tenant is also responsible for the registration at the Society for musical performance and mechanic duplication rights (GEMA) and the payment of the incoming fees.

§ 5
Disposal of the functional building

1) The functional building will be handed over to the tenant in a proper condition. The tenant is obligated to a gentle use of the rental property.
2) At the end of an event the decoration placed by the tenant has to be removed and garbage must be disposed.
3) The tenant is obliged to give back the rented rooms clean swept and the surfaces of the kitchen and the used tables must be cleaned.
4) After use of the kitchen dishes, glasses and other objects must be tidied, ready to use and cleaned. Kitchen equipment that cannot be used anymore (dishes, glasses, cutlery, etc.) must be reported to the operating company.

§ 6

1) The tenant is responsible for every damaged that was caused by him, his staff members, his representatives or by the visitors while using the functional building.

§ 7
Liability exclusion

1) The use of the functional building including all present equipment is at your own risk. For brought articles of value, clothes and other things no liability is assumed.
2) The tenant is not responsible for damages that are caused by the users, the visitors or spectators of an event unless the lessor can be detected of intention or culpable negligence. A claim for damages against the lessor must be reported in a written form immediately or at least two weeks after recognition of the damage to avoid expulsion.
3) For brought objects especially pieces of sport equipment, clothes, articles of value and things like that the lessor is released from every liability.

§ 8

1) The tenant is obligated to pay a bond of 300 Euros before the beginning of the event. The bond payment serves to cover possible damages and subsequent cleaning for contaminations that leave the normal degree of contamination. As far as it is not made demand on the bond, it will be paid back immediately at the end of the event and after acceptance of the functional building.
2) The tenant has to report every damage that was caused at the preparation or realization of an event to the lessor or his representatives.
3) Compensation has to be supplied with money. In exceptional cases the establishing of the former state can be accepted.

§ 9
Domestic authority

1) The domestic authority is entitled tot he Förderverein Skilandesleistungszentrum Arber e.V. . It is basically executed by the operating company respectively the head of the stadium.
2) If these persons are not present the domestic authority is assigned to the respective trainer or head of the event.
3) The instructions of these persons have to be followed.

§ 10
safety regulations

1) The tenant has to follow all safety and fire protection rules very thoroughly.
2) Safety guards like escape ways, fire protection systems and safety switches must not be altered.
3) In the whole building smoking is not allowed.

§ 11
Utilization fee

1) Basically all users have to pay the utilization fee.
2) The utilization fee for the functional building in the regional ski intensive training center Arber at the Hohenzollern Ski Stadium is only used for compensation of incidental charges and for the maintenance of the building.
3) The amount of the utilization fee is fixed in the respective version of the scale of charges for the Hohenzollern Ski Stadium.

§ 12
Legal validity

The terms for hire and use for the functional building come into effect on 1st January 2015.

Regen, 23rd December 2014

Herbert Unnasch
Arberland Betriebs GmbH