Shooting range terms

Shooting range terms

for the
Biathlon shooting range

at the Hohenzollern Ski Stadium
Arberseestraße 2, 94252 Bayerisch Eisenstein

Order / at the same time notice

1.    General

Every shooter is obliged to follow the terms of this shooting range, the valid Biathlon Sport terms from 25th January 2007 as well as the present announcement for training and competitions by the operating company of the facility.

Please note the regulation for Biathlon shooting range under 6.1 (Federal Gazette 23.07.2012).

The shooting operation is only allowed after preliminary registration at the head of the stadium. The detailed safety regulations of the district office must be followed: Only weapons and munitions are allowed that are accredited through an official permission. Not allowed is battle like shooting on the shooting range according to § 15 Abs. 6 as well as § 27 Abs. 7 WaffG as well as illegal shooting exercises according § 7 AWaffV. The arrangement of the ranges is made by the head of the stadium. The instruction manuals  for HORA 2000 are available at the head of the stadium as far as the shooting range is built-on.

The shooting times are:

  1. Shooting time 08.30 am – 11.30 am
  2. Shooting time 13.00 pm – 14.50 pm
  3. Shooting time 15.00 pm – 16.50 pm
  4. Shooting time 17.00 pm – 19.00 pm

2.    Allowed kind of weapon/ munition

a.    Long- and short weapons till caliber .22 l.r. (5,6mm) for commercial boundary light patrons with a maximal kinetic energy of bullets of 200 Joule.

b.    Compressed air-, spring pressure- and CO2 weapons till caliber .177 (4,5 mm) which use cold power gas for the impulse of the bullets with a maximal kinetic energy of the bullets of 7,5 Joule.

c.    Because of the safety technical (constructional) performance of the facility according to the shooting range term of 23.7.2012 “Biathlon Shooting Ranges” as well as the Biathlon sport terms of 25.1.2007 it is prohibited except with DL-weapons (10m, LW Cal. 22 l.r. 50m, KW Kal. 22 l.r. 25m) to shoot with other weapon / munition systems respectively others as in the Biathlon sport terms settled kinds of competitions.

d.    It is allowed to use different weapons LG and KK at the same time.

3.    Only persons are allowed to shoot that are member of a club of the BLSV (insurance protection) or can prove an adequate public liability.

4.    The openings to the shooting range on the left of range 30 and on the right of range 1 must be closed during the shooting with chains/ belts.

5.    The loading, unloading as well as the conduction of targeted practice are only allowed when the muzzle is in direction of the bullet fangs.
Shooting rifles have to be unloaded directly at the end of the shooting and the magazine has to be removed and cleared. Weapons may only be taken off when they are released and the lock is open.
On all ranges enough supervisory staff must be present.
The supervisory staff has to be owner of the youth basis license according to § 27 Abs. 1 Satz Nr.2 i.V mit Satz 5 WaffG (youth up to the age of 16).
Without this license shooting is not allowed for these persons!

6.    Weapons must not be put on tables, banks, floors or chairs. There has to be an adequate amount of stands for the rifles.

7.    Shooting is only allowed under the supervision of a responsible head of the shooting according to §27 Abs. 3 WaffG i.V. with §§10ff AWaffV that are ordered by the operating company as well as registered at the district office Regen whose name is written on the shooting range and can easily be seen. The responsible supervisor has to lead the shooting with clear instructions.  The instruction must be followed. The supervisor has the right to expel persons that do not follow the terms of the shooting range from the facility.

8.    Every shooting is only allowed to start when the head of the shooting is present and has cleared the shooting. The supervisor of the shooting is not allowed to participate in the shooting during his supervision. He has to make sure that nobody leaves the shooting range with a rifle. The supervisory persons must have fulfilled the age of 18 and are ordered by the head of the stadium of the Hohenzollern Ski Stadium in a written form.

9.    Teams of other countries are only allowed to shoot at the Hohenzollern Ski Stadium if they have the qualification head of shooting range according to §27 Abs. 3 AWaffV after German law.

10.    The shooting ranges may only be entered when the shooting on all ranges is finished and when all weapons are unloaded.

11.    Should weapons and munition be stored at the facility they must be placed access secure in a special room under acceptance of the legal terms (§36 WaffGi.V. with §13 AWaffV).

12.    The scarp lead/ jackets must be removed from the bullet fangs and from the facility; In snow-free times after shooting. Removal: dustbin 170402 an 03.

13.    The used ranges should be left in a clean condition. Paper discs must be removed and brought to the intended bin. Responsible is the appropriate trainer respective presenter!

14.    The shooting mats must be stored in the dry room and must be hung over the mat hang facility.

15.    In line with the liability insurance the persons who lead and supervise and all other persons in duty as well as the shooters are liability assured during their stay at the shooting range.

The terms of the shooting range come into effect on 1st January 2015.

Regen, 23rd December 2014

Herbert Unnasch
ARBERLAND Betriebs g GmbH