Stadium Rules for Events

Stadium rules
for events

the Hohenzollern Ski Stadium

Arberseestraße 2, 94252 Bayerisch Eisenstein

(These rules do not apply for athletes and coaches during training hours)

1.    Ambit

These stadium rules serve the regulated use and warranty of safety on the event area of the Hohenzollern Ski Stadium including the accesses and exits as well as the parking lots.

2.    Admission Control

The access to the events is only allowed against production of a valid admission ticket or other access authorizations. For visitors with a reduced admission ticket the access is only allowed after showing verification of the reduction. Admission tickets as well as all verifications for the claiming of a reduction must be shown unasked at the entrance control and on demand for examination. Admission tickets and other access authorizations must be shown on demand also after you have already entered the event.

3.    Entrainment of illegal objects

Every visitor is obligated to get a check-up before entering the event area through the security on the entrainment of objects that are not allowed to bring into the event area through touching the clothes or using a metal detector (or other technical devices). On command of the security service the inspection of brought bags (Handbags, Rucksacks, etc.) must be allowed.

The following objects are not allowed in the event area:

  • Alcoholic drinks or drugs of all kinds
  • Glass bins, glass bottles, aluminum bottles, cans, glasses and pitchers in all sizes
  • Plastic bottles from 0,5 liters
  • Tetrapaks over 1 liter
  • Pocket bottles made of metal or glass
  • Objects that can be used as weapons or missiles
  • Knives in all sizes, also clasp knives
  • Studded wristlets, bracelets, belts
  • Gas spray cans, acidly or coloring substances
  • Spay cans (antiperspirant, hair spray, color spray)
  • Pyrotechnical objects (also Bengal firework), objects that can be dangerous because of their flammability, torches, weapons of all kinds
  • Metal chains of more than 50 cm (wallet fixation)
  • Flagpoles made from metal (telescope poles see beneath)
  • Folding chairs and buggies in the arena area (allowed on the tracks)
  • Walking-stick umbrellas whether  they have a thorn or not (collapsible umbrellas are allowed)
  • Tools of all kinds
  • More than one lighter
  • Bulky objects of all kinds like sleighs
  • Animals, especially dogs
  • Air horns
  • Megaphones
  • Laser pointer
  • Banners or banderoles with insulting or political as well as racist, xenophobic or glorifying violence contents

Tolerated are:

  • Flags (wood poles with a maximum height of 2,0 m and a caliber of maximum 2 cm)
  • Plastic and telescope flags (also made of metal) when they are hollow and flexible
  • Thermos flasks and thermos flasks made of plastic

The police is informed immediately by the following objects:

  • Nazi emblems or Nazi flags
  • Rambo knives
  • Vested knife from an blade of 10 cm
  • Butterfly knives
  • Weapons of all kinds (also throwing stars and knuckle-dusters)
  • Fireworks of all kinds
  • Tablets in plastic bags
  • Powder in plastic bags or other unusual bins

4.    Ban on commercial advertisement

All advertisement that is made for commercial purposes during the event without permission of the presenter is not allowed. It is also not allowed to take photos, films or audio for commercial purposes and/ or to use them. The owner of the admission card agrees without compensation through the presenter to create and copy picture and audio recordings of the owner during the event. This agreement is temporally and territorially unlimited.

5.    Domestic authority, behavior at the event area, instructions and duty to follow

The ARBERLAND Betriebs gGmbH as operating company has the domestic authority during the event at the Hohenzollern Ski Stadium. Every visitor of an event has to act in a way that other persons or external material assets are not damaged, in danger or other persons – as far as it because of unavoidable circumstances- are not obstructed or harassed. In the interests of safety and of an arranged process of the event every visitor must adhere to the necessary instructions of the operating company, of the police, of the fire brigade and of the security persons that are in duty of the operating company.

6.    Places for people in  wheelchairs

Please note that because of safety reasons there is only a limited number of places for people in wheelchairs for every event available. For this area an advance notification via the ticket agency is necessary. Parking and transport can only be arranged after an advance notification.

7.    Ban of access/ animadversion of stadium

  • Persons that are obviously under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Persons that show violent actions or justify the suspicion to do so

The operating company or authorized persons as far as this is necessary for the safety of objects or lives, bodies or the health of other persons can refuse the access to the Hohenzollern Ski Stadium or expel from the area.

The stadium rules come into effect on 1st January 2015.
Regen, 23rd Dezember 2014
Herbert Unnasch
ARBERLAND Betriebs g GmbH