Regional intensive training center

The regional intensive training center at the Great Arber Lake is the central training and competition site for competitive athletes of the Bavarian Forest and is maintained by the free state of Bavaria, the booster club for the regional intensive training center and the ski union of the Bavarian forest. At the regional intensive training center full-time and honorary coaches work.

The Hohenzollern Ski Stadium is a regional intensive training center with the task talent scouting, support of future young athletes, boosting of competitive sport as well as realization of central training camps and official competitions of SVBW, BSV, DSV and IBU. The ski stadium is one of the top venues for winter sport competitions.

The sites correspond to international demands and allow the future skiers to train on challenging tracks for national and international competitions.

The stadium consists of a training and competition area, an athlete house, a functional building, a finish house, a building for waxing and an equipment hall. There are different track sections with different accents and lengths that match both the requirements of biathlon and cross country skiing. The tracks are up to 4000 meters long. The short bore shooting range Type “HoRa 2000” is on the latest state-of-the-art and has up to 50 shooting ranges with a distance of 50 meters. For youth challenges an air rifle range with a distance of 10 meters can be provided. The time keeping is completely automatic with the ALGE 8000 system.

The alpine site got its baptism of fire with the world cup in the year 2004 as well as with numerous national and international competitions. In 2006, 2008 and 2011 the European championships of biathlon and in 2013 the German biathlon championships were on program.

Aim of the regional intensive training center:

Through perfect training conditions and perfect training organization the boosting of students and youths in the disciplines – alpine, biathlon, cross country skiing and ski jump in Lower Bavaria and Upper Palatinate should be improved significantly.

Boosting of the regional intensive training center through:

  • Ministry of education and culture
  • Booster club regional intensive training center
  • Dynasty Hohenzollern

Members of the booster club regional intensive training center:

  • Administrative region Lower Bavaria and Upper Palatinate
  • Administrative areas Regen, Passau and Cham
  • 22 towns and municipalities
  • Institutions like BSV, Ski Union Bavarian Forest and WSV Rastbüchl
  • Schools
  • Private members

Managing board and committee:

1st President: 2nd mayor Hermann Kastl, Lindberg
Deputy President district administrator Michael Adam, Regen
Deputy President district administrator Franz Löffler, Cham
Deputy President 1st mayor Charly Bauer, Bayerisch Eisenstein
Deputy President Thomas Liebl, ARBER-BERGBAHN, group of companies prince of Hohenzollern
Director and cashier Paul Wölfl, Bayerisch Eisenstein

Club committee:

Base manager biathlon/ cross country skiing Sepp Schneider, Regen
Base manager alpine Gerd Richter, Bad Kötzting
Local agent Upper Palatinate Karl-Heinz Sölch, Cham
Administrative district agent Cham, Markus Müller, Neukirchen b.hl. Blut

Municipal agents:

1st Mayor Regen, Ilse Oswald
1st Mayor Zwiesel, Franz-Xaver Steininger
1st Mayor Bodenmais, Joachim Haller
1st Mayor Langdorf, Otto Probst

The respective commander PzGrenBtl 112, Regen
The respective commander German Federal Police Deggendorf
Club representative Upper Palatinate, Sepp Klingseisen, SpVgg Lam
Club representative Lower Bavaria, Alfons Piermeier, TSV Regen
School representative Upper Palatinate, Josef Baumann, Arrach-Haibühl
School representative Lower Bavaria, Reiner Gattermann, Realschule Zwiesel

Private members:

Martin Adam, Lindberg
Gerhard Aschenbrenner, Arrach

Cash auditor:

Heinz Felgenhauer
BLSV district chairman  Hans Plötz, Viechtach

Measures that have already been taken:
  • Building of an alpine training and racing slope at the Great Arber (year 2000)
  • Building of a roller ski track for cross country skiing and biathlon the Hohenzollern Ski Stadium (year 2001)
  • Functional building at the cross country center Scheibe (year 2003)
  • Building of a new ski stadium for cross country skiers and biathletes at the Arber lake (year 2005)