Stadium rules

The stadium rules guarantee an unobstructed procedure of events and serve the safety of the spectators. The following stadium rules are valid for a visit of the stadium area and we beg all visitors to adhere to them:

This stadium terms guarantee the regulated use and the verification of safety at the event location Ski Stadium Hohenzollern.

The functional building on the regional intensive training center Arber in the Ski Stadium Hohenzollern is provided as use for everyone according to the following regulations. The terms of use ensure the safety, order and cleanness of the functional building of the Ski Stadium Hohenzollern and regulate the use and elevation of fees for use.

Every shooter is subordinated to the shooting range rules. It is only allowed to shoot with that type of weapons and munition that are accredited through an official permission. Battle like shooting on the shooting stand as well as illegal shooting is not permitted. The arrangement of the ranges is made by the head of the stadium.